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Welcome to West Heritage Farm
We believe that we offer the best naturally field raised lamb for fleece or table  in Southwestern Pennsylvania - you get special one-on-one attention from the time you inquire about our products until you take delivery. 

Our products include:
  • naturally field raised lamb custom cut to your specifications
  • feeder lambs from our Texel cross and Hampshire stock
  • breeding stock from our registered  Finn and Shetland flocks. 
West Heritage Farm ®  611 Ten Mile Rd, Amity, PA  15311
Fleece to fiber processing at Ten Mile Fiber Mill.
Fall means moving - separating lambs from the flock so they don't accidentally become teen-aged moms, making final decisions on which (if any) rams to keep and which rams to 'retire'.  The rams were separated from the flocks earlier this summer - just in case.  They are pacing the fence lines impatiently waiting for fall frolics. 

We spend extra time with the girls checking their over all condition - too fat, too thin, just right?  Fall also means another round of mani pedis making sure everybody has 'good feet'. It's also time to check the fleece coats for size.  Ones that were put on right after shearing have a couple inches of fleece under them and may need switched out for bigger jackets.  As the leaves begin to change colors, we spend the last of our long days outside before moving inside for fiber processing and dying activities.